As a kid, I remember always wanting to be an artist. It never occurred to me to ask my Mom for art supplies. Ever. Although, I know my Mom would have got them for me if I had just thought to asked.

So fast forward some 30 years later and I finally took the plunge with my first art class at the University of Alberta. It was drawing and let me tell you, I don’t love drawing. I find it tedious and not very fun. Painting on the other hand, I love painting. When I was dreaming of being an artist all those years ago, I dreamt of being a painter and now here I am, doing what I love.

Arise – Raw Artists Showcase

This was a show I did last year with Raw Artists at the most unlikeliest of places, Union Hall. I did a painting on site of Kurt Cobain. The lighting was terrible for painting but the experience of painting for an audience was great. People hung around and watched me paint. Some commented and I got one guy tell me that the best part of his night was watching my painting turn into Kurt. I also sold my first painting at this show to someone who wasn’t a friend or family member, so that was pretty cool.

Project Name

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